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While many aspects of our lives are being improved through smart technologies, we nearly all suffer from having an ugly, often complicated home thermostat on our wall. The current generation of thermostats lack appeal, connectivity and do nothing to help reduce our energy costs.
Zen Thermostat is a smart thermostat with a sophisticated design, intuitive usability and seamless integration across a wide range of connected home systems. Currently being sold in Australia and the USA, Zen Thermostat incorporates a philosophy of Beautiful, Simple, Connected across all aspects of the aesthetic, engineering and user experience.

Key Features


Most people are paying hundreds of dollars a year more than they have to on their heating and cooling bill because their thermostats are running inefficiently and are not easily controlled by the homeowner. While there are some ‘smart’ thermostats on the market, they are way too complicated for the typical homeowner to install and use.
Zen cuts back on the features people don’t use, reduces the amount of complexity and practices refinement and discretion.
Its beautiful physical design is paired with a user friendly interface that welcomes users of all ages.


Nest was the world’s first smart thermostat with aesthetic appeal. It awoke the world to the concept that home thermostats didn’t have to be ugly. Unfortunately Nest is incredibly complicated to use and does not connect easily with home automation systems which are prevalent in the USA. Our Zen Thermostat is designed specifically to work with any ‘open’ home automation system making it widely appealing and able to leverage energy saving apps provided by utilities. Zen is currently being included in smart home ‘packs’ due to its ‘connected’ design, securing strong ongoing revenues.


Zen allows you to control the temperature of your home anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone.
Zen has no ugly push buttons. Instead we have replaced them with an elegant touch screen which is simple and intuitive. When left inactive the display simply fades away blending seamlessly into your home. Instead of screws, Zen uses a unique magnetic mount to click on the wall.
Through the smartphone apps you can run energy saving schedules and set your heating and cooling preferences.
Our client comms and social media channels continue to gather feedback from users and inform our product development plan.


We believe that simple design is good design. So while it was tempting to just keep adding features, what we realised was that most people just want a beautiful thermostat that is simple to install and easy to use. We built a series of early prototypes that were tested on users to refine installation, operation and overall design. Everything form the user interface to the installation guide was developed in collaboration with real people. The result: Zen emerged in the marketplace with a smart and beautiful integration. Yin and Yang.

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