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Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians (about 8 young people per week) and has reached a 10-year high.
To help counter these horrifying statistics, The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation (ASPF) is holding a video competition for Victorian Secondary School and tertiary students with the theme “You are not alone”. The purpose of the video project is to counter negative social messages that contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety, and instead spread messages of positivity and care.

Key Features


The idea behind the identity design was to graphically express the intent of the video project by incorporating the symbolic message of connection within the “You are not alone” title to create a succinct statement integrating word and graphic.
The central elements of the three inter locking circles were then featured across various applications as a distinctive brand fingerprint, which build on the idea of the support network that is so critical to those feeling down or alone.


In order to engage with a youthful audience the creative approach was to communicate an optimistic impression – through choice of colour and striking impact of the designed elements.


With a minimal budget, the use of design thinking to maximise the impact of the message has made a significant contribution to the effectiveness of the communication.
The quality of the design solution reinforces the professionalism of ASPF and the credibility of the initiative.


The simplicity of the idea and the innovative crafting of the headline typography into a message of deep significance, encourages the audience to stop, take notice and engage.

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