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  • Yingbo Qiao


Design a series of posters that could convince the residents to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Also, It will enhance the city’s ability against coronavirus outbreak.

Key Features


The design utilizes the symbol of the Coronavirus as the basic element. I set vision language through optical illusion to compose the main shape which will provide a strong impact for audiences. Effectively, the ideas designed to change the behavior of people’s inherent habits and helps people stay away from Covid-19.


Customers recognize this idea, and they broadcast the design widely in publicity propaganda against coronavirus.
In the survey in June and July, the client found that the incidence of Covid 19 was 35% lower than that in April and May.


Building up a solid social protocol in the target community and influence the future pandemic circumstance.


While the campaign is launching, in the city of Oakland the stopping spread became a public topic by applying the powerful visual language.

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