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A new multi-generational beach house on the Victorian west coast, with spectacular views south over Bass Strait, and north to the Painkalac Creek forest. Clad in fire resistant timber and charcoal steel, the simple, L shaped plan gives the private northern garden protection from the persistent south westerly winds.

Key Features


The Yandandah house offers an alternative, if temporary, world away from the tradition, routines and stresses of city life, and this is reflected in the architectural expression.

Simplicity, robustness and generosity of space are all combined to provide a calming easy experience. The materials were also selected for ease of maintenance.


The built form is derived from the interlocking relationship between the clients brief and the sites particular constraints and opportunities.

The result is the built synthesis of these sometimes competing demands, using the sites unique properties to enhance the experience of the house.

The external materials relate to typical lightweight coastal architecture and also work well in the landscape, with the greying timber fading into the green-grey bush backdrop.


The house fulfils the clients brief in a dramatic form, which also wraps around the external living spaces, providing shelter and privacy. The house delivers spectacular views, while maintaining the feel of a home, not just a viewing platform.

The builder and landscaper designer especially have made great contributions to the end result, with everyone on the same wavelength about what we were trying to achieve.


The public faces of the building to the south and west present a simple timber box sitting astride a black steel box, with the interior functions and rooms deliberately ambiguous. The more private north and east sides open up with various decks and much more animated individual spaces- an informal external expression of the interior spaces.

The house entry is from the rear- either winding up through the main living deck, or via the internal stairs at the intersection of the 2 wings- both compressed spaces, that dramatise the sudden ocean views, once you reach the expansive living space.

The house is designed to weather and settle in to its site, as the new and existing indigenous garden grows up around it. Within a few years it will look like it has always been there.


The materials and finishes were kept simple and robust for aesthetic and budget reasons. This allowed generous spaces and additional accomodation, beyond the nuclear family. While not a cheap building, it delivers maximum bang for the buck.

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