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The XS family of creative-innovative STEM toys (patents pending), targeted to engage children of formative ages, is broadly split into two types: 3D Construction Toy-Bricks (1X and 2X) and 3D Jigsaw Puzzles (3X, 4X and, now under development, 5X and 6X).

The Construction Toy-Bricks, interlockable into each other in all six orthogonal directions, are used to construct large innovative 3D toy-structures of the child’s choice, while each Jigsaw Puzzle poses a unique and intriguing challenge: to assemble a cube out of, respectively, 9, 16, 25 or 36 identically-shaped interlocking components. The bigger the puzzle, the bigger the problem-solving challenge posed.

Key Features


These toys cleverly encourage and stimulate one’s Complex Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity, the topmost three skills listed by World Economic Forum (Geneva) as prime job requirements for the children of tomorrow, during the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the post-2020 world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Technology and Automation.

Providing ‘Value Of Play’ by enhancing the children’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative and communication skills for life, they encourage active brain-teasing real (instead of addictive digital/virtual) play that fosters 3D/spatial dexterity, curiosity, cognition, imagination, emotional resilience, empathy, adaptability and further learning foundations – not to mention healthy bodies and minds.


Green/sustainable feedstock materials (precisely, bio-based Acetal homopolymers) are being explored for these toys to reduce waste and pollution. Mass-balanced approach targeted, with fossil and bio-based materials planned for mix in production.

Use of identical components within any given/unique toy sold (whether 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X or 6X) allows easier inventory, simpler supplier-orders placement, quicker assembly/packaging process, better minimisation/utilisation of moulding tools and higher optimisation of components piece-price.

Toys-family designed with consistent-universal interface detail between all toys and for use over many years, with high emphasis on durability and numerous insertion cycles, helping use by younger siblings and across generations.


With multiple standard/design patent applications now under processing in 6 regions (effectively, 47 countries) around the world and with a firm plan for global sales, these STEM toys are expected to take children worldwide by storm while adding to the Australian culture of innovation and creativity.

Australia’s largest toys distributor is keenly interested in their distribution within A&NZ region.

Designed fully in Victoria and now under commercialisation targeted as ‘Made in Australia’ toys under the now-globally-trademarked and appealing ‘The WhizQube Of Oz’ brand, these STEM toys are projected to set new benchmarks in 3D Construction Toy-Bricks and 3D Jigsaw Puzzles.


Construction Toy-Bricks interface in six vertical+horizontal (instead of, conventionally, just two vertical) directions, thus aiding more freeform and innovative-creative 3D toy-structures.

Construction Toy-Bricks and Jigsaw Puzzles positively and audibly click/interlock (instead of, conventionally, friction-fit) into mating components, thus lending themselves to larger and more robust toy-assemblies.

On top of standard/design patents, a specific proprietary design feature (for achieving snap-clip detail in six directions, without needing complex/impractical moulding tools) offers further protection of intellectual property.

A common and consistent mating interface between components for all toys (1X to 6X) allows toy-assemblies with all toy-components, thus adding further to the overall fun.


Novel 3D toy-structures with lateral details like, say, trees, bridges and tunnels (hitherto not easily possible with the conventional upwards-growing toy-bricks available today in the market) may now be constructed with these 3D Construction Toy-bricks. Additionally, the 3D Jigsaw Puzzle components too can be used along with the Construction Toy-bricks for building furthermore innovative toy-structures.

Awards conferred: iF Design Award (Germany) 2017, Good Design Award (USA) 2017, European Product Design Award (Hungary/USA) 2018, Red Dot Award – Honourable Mention (Germany/Singapore) 2019, German Design Award (Germany) 2020 and Inside Small Business Top 50 Small Business Leaders Report (Australia) 2020 inclusion.

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