XS: 3D Toy-Bricks & 3D Jigsaw Puzzles: A family of creative-innovative toys


  • Trimiti Moebius Design


The XS creative-innovative toys family (patents pending), targeted for children aged 5 to 18, is broadly split into two types: 3D Construction Toy-Bricks (1X and 2X) and 3D Jigsaw Puzzles (3X, 4X and, to be possibly introduced at a later stage, 5X). The Toy-Bricks are interlockable into each other in all six possible directions and can be used to construct large 3D toy-structures of the user’s choice. Each Jigsaw Puzzle poses a unique challenge: to assemble a cube out of, 9, 16 or 25 identically-shaped interlocking components. The bigger the puzzle, the bigger the challenge it presents.

Key Features


These toys, with positive (and not friction-based) interlockable interfaces in six possible directions (top, bottom, front, rear, left & right), form a universal system that stimulates problem-solving skills, promotes creativity and nourishes 3D/ spatial thinking. Driving children away from the addictive digital apps or often-violence-based electronic games of today, it is projected that these toys will be favoured by parents who prefer education-aiding physical toys that are equally interesting-interactive while encouraging creative, constructive and fun-filled thinking amongst children. The innovative features together help nurture curiosity, imagination and cognitive skills in children, who learn better through active brain-teasing physical play.


The 3D Construction Toy-bricks help construct 3D shapes that can be built in finer detail in any of the six orthogonal directions. This feature lends itself to constructing interesting 3D toy-structures that grow not only in the vertical/ upwards direction but also in the horizontal/ lateral directions. Thus, novel 3D toy-structures with lateral details like, say, trees, bridges and tunnels (hitherto not easily possible with the conventional upwards-growing toy-bricks available today in the market) may now be constructed with these 3D Construction Toy-bricks.


For any given 3D Jigsaw Puzzle variant, the exact identicalness of shape between all its components poses an interesting twist/ challenge to the end-user while also substantially reducing its components tooling/ manufacture costs (thus giving a more market-competitive product). Also, each component interlocks (snap-fits) into its mating counterpart, resulting in a robust & sturdy interface that substantially eases the handling of the semi-finished/ finished assembly, as the child progressively assembles and resolves the 3D Jigsaw Puzzle.


Use of a high-performance and food-contact-grade crystalline engineering thermoplastic, with a very high permissible Strain@Yield value of 15+% (compared to typically less than just 5% for the more-commonly-used-for-toys commodity plastic ABS), to injection-mould the components helps the XS products withstand numerous insertion-removal cycles by the end-user between the mating/snap-fitting components. This ensures product quality retention over many years/ decades, without any fatigue and degradation of their key feature: the annular snap joints. The use of the plastic material in multiple attractive colours also adds a substantial visual interest element that appeals to the young end-users.


In addition to the targeted primary use as 3D Jigsaw Puzzles, the components of these Jigsaw Puzzles can interlock also across into each other and into the 3D Construction Toy-bricks. This allows the 3D Jigsaw Puzzle components too to help construct, alongside the 3D Construction Toy-bricks, a large 3D Toy Structure (like a castle, ship, skyscraper, truck, bridge, etc.), thus extending the fun – limited just by the fertility of the user’s imagination.

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