Wyndham BizNet Rebranding


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Wyndham BizNet, established in 1998 in Melbourne Australia, is an independent, not for profit networking organisation which aims to bring together local people and businesses in a fun, friendly and relaxing social environment.

Key Features


Design Methodology:
SQUARE – Square often symbolises the earth in terms of the four cardinal directions, matter, solidity and stability. The four sides of the square have been related to the group and the four cardinal directions. It also symbolises balance and harmony.

This symbolic approach fits into the core of Wyndham Biznet – networking of local businesses and people form across Wyndham.
ARROW – Across cultures, arrows are a directional symbol. Here, the arrow reflects business and people coming from across Wyndham to connect and network.


The positive impact is seen across the culture after rebranding internally as well as across the Wyndham business fraternity. It has managed to position itself as a more professional business networking group.


Previous branding, was very less impactful as well as not scalable across the brand touchpoints, especially on screen. The transformation from old design to new look and feel with simplicity was very much successful, but had to justify stakeholders and convince the importance of simplicity in design that works and take them away from the mindset of old approach of decoration.


Initial W is graphically formed with square and arrow and the final form is the shape of Wyndham map. The graphical forms also create a human figure, shows the networking and morphing into the W mark. This is reflected in the Vimeo link provided.


Graphically transforming shapes into meaningful symbol, human forms reflecting networking and silhouette of Wnydham map as W initial

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