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Momentum is an Australian based energy retailer. MASS set out to create a website for Momentum Energy that was simple, intuitive, and friendly — in itself at odds with most energy providers’ websites — and included developing a new illustration style, a homepage like no other energy retailer, and a refined sales funnel.

Key Features


We followed a collaborative user-centred design process, starting with a series of discovery sprints which allowed us to test assumptions with customers.

We created the user experience, worked collaboratively with Momentum\’s marketing, content, product and IT teams in a sprint-based schedule that allowed us to pivot along the way.

The brand was recognisable by the existing energy wave, and we extended the language further by turning the energy waves into characters, injecting personality into the brand.

The sales funnel was subjected to multiple rounds of one-on-one customer research sessions and multiple rounds of online testing, to improve the conversion rate.


Our decision to combine gas and electricity services into one product was a key improvement to the sales funnel and has led to an increase in dual fuel sales from 46% to 62%.

Post launch one-on-one user testing has revealed an overwhelming positive response to the new site. Up to 25% of participants used the word ‘simple’ when describing the website, while 31.25% participants used the word ‘easy’. Some 18.7% participants referenced the colour as a positive element, and 56.25% participants rated the website as \’very easy\’ to use.


A corporate client like Momentum Energy investing in a robust design process and willingly choosing to be creatively adventurous sets an example to other Victorian companies. Willingly creating an experience that balances performance with personality is a great demonstration of how design can be applied to help a business differentiate themselves from their competitors, and the value of employing design services. That Momentum trusted a relatively small design firm with such an important part of the business sends a clear message to other buyers of design that they don\’t necessarily have to go with larger, more expensive firms.


Momentum challenged us to create a website unlike any other energy retailer, expressed directly by the unconventional homepage layout on desktop screens.

We introduced a background colour fade as a customer scrolls down each page. While relatively subtle, we wanted to introduce a signature branded interaction, loosely associated this with switching lights on/off.

Combining electricity and gas into one product and ensuring the online sign up form was contained on a single page, and included evidence of a customers\’ stage of completion, was a big design innovation requiring agreement from the Momentum team.

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