World’s first Zero-waste Necktie by ANDREW WILLIAMS ®


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World’s first Zero-waste Necktie by ANDREW WILLIAMS ®

For a long time, knitting techniques have been used to make items of apparel with near zero waste of yarn. However, neckties are invariably made from woven fabric.

New designs of patterns and markers for making Zero-waste neckties have now been created. These registered designs have been used to make the world’s first necktie from woven fabric without waste.

Zero-waste fashion is part of the broader Sustainable Fashion movement. Zero-waste Fashion is not a new concept, early examples of zero-waste or near zero-waste garments include Kimono, Sari and many other traditional folk costumes.

Key Features


These original, new and innovative designs have eliminated wastage during the manufacturing process. These designs have led to great user experience as these designs have created a new market of innovative and sustainable fashion accessory. These new designs will definitely set new standards both nationally and internationally due to the innovative look and feel of the necktie

This original, new and innovative Zero-waste Necktie has solved the legitimate problem of wastage during manufacturing.

The user experience is enhanced by participation in the Sustainable Fashion movement.


According to fashion industry waste statistics, about 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. This waste rate which also applies to the manufacture of neckties has been tolerated industry-wide for decades.

These new designs will add to the bottom line of the business, thus make the business more competitive and allow business to gain more market share.

These new designs contribute greatly towards sustainability, reducing the waste footprint and creation of new employment opportunities in the economy.


The pattern of Zero-waste necktie was created using pattern making principles, geometry, mathematics and high-level analytical skills. It took over 12 months of research and over 50 prototypes before the patterns for the zero-waste necktie were successfully created.

The design of Zero-waste necktie is so precise that it leads to zero off-cuts, thereby eliminating by100% initial production waste

The registered pattern is exactly enacted in the manufacturing process and the ties are on sale. New markets in North America are currently being sought.


The user’s experience is enhanced by knowledge of participation in a genuine endeavour of conservation of the earth’s resources – at the same time as obtaining a high fashion item of apparel.


The intellectual property relating to the patterns and the marker for Zero-waste necktie is in the process of gaining protection in jurisdictions around the world.

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