Worlds First Zero Waste Mushroom Kit


  • MushiMushi
  • Chromatix


The idea behind the MushiMushi project is to demonstrate how a valuable resource like spent coffee grounds, is ‘mistaken’ for a waste.

We use coffee grounds as a medium for growing oyster mushrooms and every bag recycles 35 shots worth of coffee grounds.

The final product design satisfies strict criteria of only using growing medium that was destined to go to the landfill and only using home compostable packaging materials.

We aimed at producing a label design communicating environmental values of the product and suitable for a coffee shop or a green-grocer shelf.

Key Features


Intercepts valuable resource like coffee grounds from going into landfill to producing chemical free food.


After the kit produces mushrooms, the entire kit content including the growing medium and packaging can be composted at home. This is the world’s first zero-waste mushroom kit!


Provides a valuable experience of growing food at home and serves as an education aid at a school or kinder. Little people learn where their food is coming from and how it is grown.


The product opens up an opportunity for urban mushroom farms everywhere (where the coffee is drunk) to employ local people.


People are encouraged to experiment with growing mushrooms on their own with instructions give at workshops in the future.

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