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Chipstar is an Australian manufacture and distributor of quality made wood chipper machines and official distributor European chipper machines.Chipstar has supplied hundreds of Chipstar chipper machines to the major arborist Companies, City councils, contractors and landscapers around Australia. Chipstar produce from 6’ to 18” drum and disc cutting styles wood chipper machines. Chipstar produce mobile chipper machines (power create by different kind of engines), PTO chipper machines and stationary chipper machines.
Our machines are working from East to West, from South to North areas of Australia.

Key Features


Chipstar is continued to research, develop, and implement improvements and listen our customers’ needs for one reason to ensure the quality of the machines is first class. Chipstar very thoroughly check all new chipper machines that produce another companies in the world. Chipstar try to catch world trend in development chipper machines and what kind of the machine more popular.


Chipstar produce 6’, 7”, 10\”,12\”, 14\” and 18” mobile, PTO and stationary wood chipper machines.
Standard specification of the mobile chipper machine is: diesel or petrol engine; trailer with different kinds of the axles and brakes; feeding system; cutting system with disc or drum; outfeed system; hydraulic system; electrical control system with PLC, safety system.


Now i design first machine in Australia (possible in the world) for separated leaves from branches.


Chipstar first in Australia designed special knee bar safety system that now installed and use on the different brands of the chipper machines.
Chipstar design and produce original inclined knives drum and original swivel outfeed system.
Chipstar ror several machines use conveyor feed system for supply material to cutting area. Conveyors use flexible belt or steel belt with teeth.
All last fabricated chipper machines with cutting drum have vortex air flow for outfeed wood chips.

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