Wood Chipper Machines and Special Chicken Machines


  • Chipstar Australia Pty Ltd


I designed from concept to implementation drum style (460 DM, 150 DM, 150 EDM,150 PTO ) and disc style (355 MX) wood chipper machines and special chicken machines: cutting machine CF-260 and special transmission chamber CK-5000. General chipper machine consist of: diesel engine (35-145 HP) with different kind of clutches; trailer with different kinds of the axles and brakes; feeding system ); cutting system with disc or drum; outfeed system; hydraulic system; electrical control system with PLC; safety system. Cutting machine CF-260 has auger outfeed system and belt infeed system. Chamber CK-5000 is patented gas machine with belt conveyor systems.

Key Features


460 DM machine has several unique solutions: moving system to come apart infeed chute; unique inclined knives drum; transmission with unique gear box; unique inclined swivel outfeed chute with original lock mechanism; original opening mechanism bottom roller door;. 355 Mx machine has another original swivel outfeed chute system and new design feeding system. 150 DM, 150 EDM and 150 PTO machines have not hydraulic and electrical systems and use gravity for feeding.

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