Women’s Gold Medalists – Rio Olympics 2016


  • Wendy Fox Design


Women’s Gold Medalists is a meticulously illustrated book, poster and interactive website that documents all the women who won gold medals in the Rio Olympics.

It was created in reaction to the fact that women’s sport receives approximately 5% of media coverage and that this coverage has a tendency to value aesthetics over athletics.

The purpose of the project is to represent female athletes as positive role models as well as showing the athletic potential of women by celebrating diversity in body types.

Key Features


A vector style of illustration was chosen as it is universally engaging, informational and a departure from the depiction of female athletes as sexual objects.

The project includes:

An A1 poster depicting all 293 female gold medalists arranged from shortest to tallest with respective anthropometric data for each athlete.

A 105 page Book (260 x 200 mm) divided into 5 parts – the Gold Medalists, Anthropometrics, Country, Skill and History.

An interactive website in which the athletes can be viewed by age, height, weight and sport as well as a place to explore the information graphics.

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