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Discussing finances with a partner can be challenging for women of all ages and backgrounds. With its easy-to-consume content and format, the new Women Talk Money site helps at-risk women approach these conversations confidently, ensuring they maintain financial control and aren’t left vulnerable to financial abuse.

Women Talk Money is an initiative of WIRE (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange, a generalist women’s support agency).

We developed the site to deliver financial literacy content for women, using interactive videos to allow women to practice having difficult conversations, and short quizzes to validate learning.

Key Features



Women Talk Money is designed around a user\’s need to digest relevant information quickly and easily. We created a structure which helped users to focus on videos – the main source of information.

We developed a digital brand, paying careful attention to colour and type to ensure the site didn’t make light of sensitive content or evoke negative emotional responses. The pastel colours and use of strong typographic treatment creates a site that is elegant, functional and empowering.

Women Talk Money exceeds WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines – by meeting machine-defined standards, and considering accessibility from a human perspective.


Encouraging engagement

Each video can be easily viewed individually, but the content gives a more complete picture when viewed together, in sequence. The unique navigation pattern allows users to ‘slide’ between modules, encouraging them to view the videos more efficiently.

The quizzes at the end of each page allow users to engage with the content and validate their learnings. Users selections are collected anonymously, collated and shown to other visitors as part of the poll to reveal social patterns. This data also allows WIRE to iterate and improve the content.


The panic button

Due to the sensitive nature of the site, we needed to design a ‘panic button’ to redirect users off-site, masking what they were looking at.

The easy solution would be a simple link, but what might happen in case of slow or disabled internet connections? Our solution responds to the worst case scenario.The ‘panic button’ erases everything on the page when hit, and then redirects off-site. With disconnected internet – the user sese a blank page instead of leaving an incriminating trail. The panic button was developed and released as an open-source tool.


Content and Quality

An efficient information architecture lets users browse topics efficiently if they require specific information. It also encourages exploration, meaning that while users come seeking information on a single topic they can leave with a greater breadth of knowledge.

The quality of the build was essential to the success of the website. The site integrates with an existing CMS to allow the Women Talk Money team to manage their own content. The final site meets WCAG AA accessibility standards and is responsive, ensuring compatibility with a range of devices.



The new site design plays an active role in empowering women to make informed decisions about their financial future. The site now functions as a core service for WIRE that – in contrast to similar resources – takes into account power dynamics within a relationship and acknowledges the complex interplay between money and gender.

The Women Talk Money website tackles these issues head on, delivering a great return on investment. By achieving a smart user experience and optimising the site for accessibility, users are easily provided the content they require to have difficult financial conversations confidently.

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