WOLO – Warmth Of Love Origin. A smart ring monitoring device for children and parents


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Have you ever wanted to put yourself into the shoes of a child to really understand how they are feeling?

You’ve probably felt this desire being a parent of a newborn baby. Fever is an important part of a child’s development. But when things don’t go just right, we need to be there for our children to ensure they make it through their fragile journey.

WOLO eases the worries of parenting, enabling a continuous private health monitor for children that works anywhere. Families ‘feel’ their loved ones’ real time heartbeat and body warmth using our revolutionary compact smart ring technology.

Key Features


A True Stress Reliever

Studies show that a parent’s biggest concern in the delicate years of a child’s life is the correct care needed and what to do in times of serious illness.

Our product harmlessly monitors the precise health and activity status of a child at all times, providing parents with peace of mind through a special link to their child.

The WOLO smartphone app delivers expert information and recommendations to parents based on a live health sensing platform embedded within their child’s clothing. If need be, our app will guide parents to the nearest hospital for medical attention.


A New Form of Communication

Our rings contain smart technology that establishes a wireless connection between parents’ fingers and their child, taking private communication to another level.

Micro sensory feedback systems located inside each ring provides tangible stimuli so information can be ‘felt’ without even having to glance. A small glow on the underside of the ring also provides a real-time visual display of the breathing rate of the child.

Users subconsciously receive a feed of information, nurturing the security that their child is okay. These stimuli can be sent to other loved ones with the tap of a finger.


Safe, Easy and Accurate

The WOLO sensor board embeds into the underside of clothing with a simple clip action. Natural materials line the surface in contact with the child’s skin and seamlessly adhere to the clothing so that the device is safe, easy to remove and unobtrusive.

Our sensor platform sends information to the nearest Bluetooth or wifi connection with almost no setup required—simply rest the device on its charging pad overnight and it will automatically connect when nested into the child’s clothing. All data metrics that are collected maintain an error level within ±1% of their true value.


Big Data for Intelligent Innovation

WOLO detects key body health information metrics and compares these to big data in the cloud using statistical algorithms. After a week-long sensor habituation period, body-specific data profiles for an individual are anonymously compared to big data subsets to form uninterrupted and informed conclusions on the health condition of a child.

A smartphone app provides a simple interface to convey a child’s health status and instruct the correct course of action for parents relevant to any unique situation. Our technology is even able to forecast the likelihood of becoming sick in a subsequent three-day interval.


An Everlasting Health Timeline

The early years of a child’s life are often considered the most precious and we all wish some of those irreplaceable memories in life could last forever.

The WOLO smartphone app arranges your child’s entire collection of personal health data into a nifty little timeline which is accessible at your fingertips. Using cloud based storage, this information is made available for an eternity.

Most illnesses in children are preceded by detectable symptoms that can usually be treated if given correct medical attention. WOLO is building a resourceful child-raising environment aided by convenient and intelligent sensory hardware.

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