Wishbone Bike Rack


  • Five at Heart


Bike parking facilities in Australia are required to have a minimum of 20% horizontal parking spaces. However, architects and interior designers looking to create high-end commercial Bike parking facilities shy away from using the classic “Hoop” style horizontal bike rack as it is perceived as a lower quality solution.

Five at Heart’s “Wishbone” rack seeks to build a horizontal parking solution that improves on the functionality and form of the “hoop” style rack, while remaining at a competitive pricepoint.

Key Features


The Wishbone demonstrates design excellence through:

1. Enhancement of the product market through improvements to form and functionality
2. Working within the spacing envelopes required of AS2890.3 to store two horizontally parked bikes.
3. Creating a new racking option for Commercial bike parking facilities


The “Wishbone” creates a new product tier in the horizontal bike rack market, which is primarily built around low end “hoop” style racks, and high-end double tier dynamic racks.

“Wishbone” proudly takes the functionality of the “hoop” style, and elevates it to a luxury parking option – without reaching the upfront cost of the higher end double tier rack.


The “Wishbone” takes the seat mounted concept used in short term “triathlon” style bike racks and applies this to a commercial bike parking setting. It does this by providing lockpoints, and size adjustments to comfortably fit 2 bikes within the spacing footprints of AS2890.3.

Having the Bike hang in this manner prevents it from falling over or coming in to contact with a bike next to it.

In a first for commercial bike racks, it also integrates hard wearing natural leather in key points to further protect bike finishes, and create a luxury feel for higher-end users.

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