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The Great Ocean Road is a summer holiday hotspot, with Apollo Bay one of its major destinations. When the weather’s warm, the area attracts tourists from all over the world – but come winter, visitors become scarce.

With the aim of reigniting tourism during winter, the locals imagined a cultural festival to share another side of life on the Bass Strait, inspired by Dark Mofo.

The challenge was to create an identity in the festival’s ‘year zero’, with a strong sense of mood, emotion and place – an identity that would attract visitors to the inaugural event.

Key Features


Engaging and Showcasing Local Talent

The identity needed to have strong roots in season and place – which were also expressed by the name we developed: WinterWild.

With visuals inspired by the elements, we created a sensory identity that was embraced by local talent as a carrier signal for their own creative expression – the farmer who penned poetry, the architect with a passion for photography – capturing the flip side of the community in more ways than one.

The design approach had a strong focus on mood – evoking a feeling as means of addressing the year zero challenge.


Sensory and Experiential Design

Our response was to create an identity capturing the local spirit, and appeal of a wild winter on the Bay.

This included a unique mark, an individual and ownable photography style inspired by the elements, incorporating local poetry and a colour palette from the ambers of a bonfire. It all culminated in a fresh, sensory and experiential identity.


Signature Moments

We provided in-depth design exploration to ensure the new identity could be applied correctly across each channel and type of communication.

And on the ground, we helped conceptualise signature moments to capture public imagination – like the ritualistic ‘W’ bonfire. This focus has enabled an effective ‘grass roots’ marketing approach.


Year Zero Success

While the organisers are still adding up the economic impact, indicators of success include:
– Attraction of a high quality program of acts
– Sell-out of 2 of the 4 main events, with solid sales of the remaining two
– 2,000 spectators at outdoor events
– High level of local business engagement in programming, with widespread adoption of the branding to denote participation and profitable outcomes
– Anecdotal feedback of higher than usual accommodation and restaurant bookings
– Positive feedback from tourism authorities on the professionalism and edginess of the festival

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