Winter Sessions by City Precinct


  • Aer Design
  • City Precinct


Winter Sessions is a seasonal series of events, hosted by independent businesses within Melbourne’s CBD, focusing on artisan workshops and undiscovered experiences. Aer Design collaborated with the City Precinct to develop a campaign identity that brings the magic of Melbourne winter to those brave enough to leave their homes.

Key Features


Winter in Melbourne

The campaign brand expresses the colours, materials, and spaces that make a Melbourne winter unique. A flexible toolkit of illustrations was developed to work across all collateral. These are supported by messaging that entices participants on a journey to find hidden surprises, building a sense of magic around the events. Badges, stickers, and customisable posters were used to promote grassroots advertising that takes advantage of the enthusiastic community and budget constraints. The identity system is designed to be flexible, so when summer finally rolls around the brand can shift and adapt easily into a sun-baked look.


Celebrating the Traders

Winter Sessions by City Precinct had support from the City of Melbourne. The event is one of many steps to grow the network of independent traders within the city and nurture the culture around it. Melbourne’s boutique stores and lanes are one of the cities unique charms and celebrating this in the design helps ensure it will not be lost anytime soon.

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