Wind sonata


  • Hung Nguyen
  • RMIT University School of Design


Wind sonata is an artwork for acknowledging the phenomenology of wind and silence. The idea is to create a means for wind conversation that our sensations can retrieve from a distance.

By placing one’s fingertips through the artwork’s five loops, the movement of wind is felt through the gentle, silent articulation of the strings. Music isn’t played, but like a musical instrument, a conversation with wind is made through this tangible connection.

Key Features


The project is a practice of Interaction Design which uses physical computing for creating electronic microcontroller-activated objects and environments.
Wind sonata was designed for collecting wind signals and transferring them into a series of sensitive movements on the experiencer’s fingertips. The form of the machine was designed for acknowledging the notion of silence.


The project has potential in the field of environmental awareness. It brings mindfulness by helping people be more conceived about tiny but significant movements from the surrounding environment. Therefore, it contributes to community wellbeing when people have more ways to effectively connect with Nature.


The project is considered as a beginning step with open-mindedness in regard to addressing the potential of technology for a sustainable living lifestyle.


During the innovation of Artificial Intelligence evolution, have you ever been doubtful about our true nature compared to “the human-like intelligence” machine?
Is it wonderful if there is a means for nature telling us what the difference is and what we should do? This project creates a means with the idea of sensitivity towards human sensors and the guidance from Nature, with the support of a binary system machine.

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