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WilsonPayne celebrates the extraordinary in Australia. Our designs bring to life the unique character that surrounds us. Our Aussie Sock collection is designed to elevate Australia and make a design statement that brings fun with it. We celebrate our Aussie icons by reimagining and giving them new life in print and socks.

Key Features


Our business philosophy is simple: to provide Australian products that bring a contemporary touch of class to Australiana, and that are designed and manufactured in Australia using ethical and environmentally friendly processes. Our socks are a perfect example. Tired of the same old ankle up patterned sock, utilising an entire sock as canvas, we reimagined the feather patterns of our uniquely illustrated birds enveloping a sock, including a cute face peering back you – as if sliding a bird onto the foot. When perched on a table, this approach has brought fun and life to our feathered friends.


We use an ethical Australian manufacturer, including environmental friendly processes, to produce our sock range. We’re also in the process of working with animal welfare groups with a plan to donate $0.50 per sale to welfare and conservation – we hope to launch this before our next production run.


We would not have achieved the quality we aspired to in developing our unique range of cheerful socks without using our years of experience and professional design skills. Showcasing the beauty of Australia’s native birds and animals in a sophisticated manner, we believe enhances the reputation of Victoria’s, and Australia’s, design culture.


Our approach is for a person to slide the bird, animal or object on to their foot, and allowing it to be viewed from above. This is opposed to the usual method of creating a step-and-repeat pattern on the sock, offering a unique perspective and creating new opportunities. For example, we’ve been approached by several government bodies to produce a range of endangered animals, with a percentage of these sales going toward conservation and protection. These socks will become topical and create further awareness.

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