Williames Tea Pty Ltd


  • Williames Tea Pty Ltd


Two Person SELECTIVE Tea Harvester which selectively harvests tea leaf at 4 kilometres an hour with quality as good as or better than hand plucked leaf.

Key Features


Patented Selective Harvesting Mechanism prevents damage to both harvested crop & tea bushes. Over 90,000 selective plucks per hour across the full plucking width, leaving immature buds & shoots to be plucked at the next harvesting. Two Man Operation including leaf collection. Accurate harvesting of tea at speeds of up to 4 km/hour. Width cut 750 & 1000 millimetres. Dramatic reduction in labour.Precision plucking with full machine size Skid Plate. Light weight high grade rustless Aluminium construction. Simple one lever operation. Automatic maintenance free clutch . “Kill switch” ensures no confusion allowing operation by unskilled workers.

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