Whispair Undermount Rangehoods


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The Whispair “Prague” and “Monte Carlo” range of built-in (undermount) hoods was designed for superior extraction performance whilst meeting the market specification and economic requirements. Combining a minimalist design aesthetic with revolutionary technology, the Whispair “Prague” & “Monte Carlo” delivers a powerful extraction performance whilst minimising the noise on the kitchen environment.

Key Features


A rangehood is designed to extract heat, steam, grease and odour (by-products) from the kitchen environment. The design challenge of a premium domestic extraction hood is establishing the balance between high extraction rates whilst minimising noise. Consumers want the flexibility of high extraction rates whilst minimising the noise output.


Based in Carrum Downs, Whispair has captured considerable market share in the premium rangehood space in a short period of time across Australia and New Zealand. Whispair is now seen as the market leader when it comes to quality and performance.


All Whispair hoods are designed by company owners (and brothers) Dane and Chris Hocking. Their ability to interact with end consumers and retailers enables them to derive a product that is relevant to the consumer market, directly addressing the concerns of the user.


Superior Filtration – Whispair’s S-FlowTM Baffle filters are used to remove by-products from the air stream such as steam and grease whilst maximising the air flow passing through the filtration zone. Baffle filters offer superior filtration rates when compared to conventional mesh filters which capture only a fraction of the relevant by-products.

Quiet – The fan motor is positioned outside of the cooking environment to eliminate the noise generated by the fan motor. Baffle filters are used in all Whispair hood chassis styles. Commercial-style baffle filters minimise noise generated by airflow and create less turbulent airflow than conventional mesh filters. Less turbulent airflow equates to less noise.


Minimalist Design – Whispair hoods are designed with the Australian consumer in mind. The Whispair “Prague” & “Monte Carlo” ranges of built-in (undermount) hoods follows the latest market trends where a visible cooker hood isn’t desirable – rather the undermount is integrated into the overhead kitchen cabinets. Most brands in the Australian marketplace adopt European or Asian styling due to the origin of the brand. Whispair understands the Australian consumer and trade requirements (such as cabinet dimensions) and specifically developed the Whispair “Prague” & “Monte Carlo” built-in product to suit. Whispair utilises only the best materials in the construction of its hoods. Every Whispair hood is designed and assembled in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

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