Wesley College Sesquicentenary Mace


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The Wesley College Mace has been created as a symbolic statement to mark the sesquicentenary of Wesley College in 2016. This milestone in the history of the College is being celebrated and commemorated in many ways and the Wesley College Mace is intended to be one of the lasting and more tangible legacies of 2016, as it will be symbolically and literally passed onto future generations of the Wesley College community.

Key Features


Creating Tradition: The Sesquicentenary Planning Committee was keen to explore the idea of making a tangible and physical statement that would not only symbolize, but encapsulate, the story of the College from the perspectives of the past, present and future- and the idea of creating a ceremonial mace struck a real “chord”.
The Wesley College Mace reflects Wesley’s symbols and traditions, and reinforces the school’s well-known reputation as an innovator. Through its bold, bright and modern look, the Mace clearly signals to all that Wesley College is forward looking, honoring the school motto – Sapere Aude – Dare to be Wise.


Beauty in meaning: The striking design aims to remind us of the story of the tree of life, or, the guiding light through the journey of life. The Wesley College colours of purple and gold are unmissable. The staff has a gleaming 24 caret gold finish that is broken only by incised decorative elements. Purple is represented in the bulb that is both cradled in, and seemingly bursting out of the branches of the tree. This purple-coloured acrylic light source glows suggesting energy and life. To finish, a sterling silver ring symbolizes the reflective nature of the Mace.


Homage: The delicate and subtle spiraling of the Yiramalay symbol begins at the base and runs into the top of the mace, acknowledging Aboriginal Australia and their ancient lands on which we live. Further up the mace the Uniting Church in Australia symbol recognizes the founders and all that Wesley College is a Uniting Church School. Above this there is the classic and widely-recognized image of the Wesley lion which encapsulates the spirit of the College with its front paw raised and tail swishing above its back, the Wesley lion is alert and looking and moving forward.


Respect: As an Old Wesley Collegian, Paul Charlwood (OW1978) has been able to bring a personal perspective to the design of the Wesley College Mace. Paul generously donated the services of his consultancy Charlwood Design to the Wesley College Mace project, signalling the level of respect and admiration past students share for the college.


Built to last: The Wesley Mace has been designed to last 150 years. The sturdy aluminum body is lightweight and durable, designed to withstand any potential drop. The lighting system uses a generic AAA battery that is simple to change and easy to obtain. At the risk of becoming outdated, the whole light system module can be completely and easily removed and replaced with any future technology. All key components are assembled using rare-earth magnets, to allow for easy disassemble during servicing or battery changeover.

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