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Welcome Fit connects professional athletes and trainers for workouts when they are not in the same physical location, using the latest in video streaming technology. Launched in January 2018, Welcome Fit is a complete work out generation platform that connects trainers and athletes in any location, on any device.

Welcome Fit is a great example of Bravo’s mantra of creating digital experiences that lead to more meaningful real world experiences. Welcome Fit provides a fully interactive digital training experience that uniquely addresses the challenge of maintaining your sport and fitness routine with ease, wherever you are.

Key Features


Declining participation in sport and physical activity, increasing obesity in society and ineffective or limited online training programs are all problems that Welcome Fit solves. As individuals and team members travel for work and play, they can maintain their personal training programs via this widely accessible solution.

Professional coaches describe the platform as “the next best thing to in-person training”.
The platform was designed mobile-first to ensure the quality of delivery would be optimal to every user. Each product iteration has improved the features and experience to go beyond simple streaming to a fully interactive workout platform.


This platform has revolutionised the way fitness professionals interact with their clients. A tailored platform designed specifically to train and engage with clients who aren’t in the same location. Initially designed for professional athletes who are travelling to continue their training programs with their coaches, it has also broken down the barriers between residents of remote locations and their access to world class training. This platform has kept athletes and trainers connected to continue their programs no matter where they are in the world whilst still maintaining a quality service.


As Welcome Fit was a startup, this design-led process has shaped the business into what it is now. A highly functional and interactive training experience servicing fitness professional and athletes alike. With clients such as basketball team Melbourne United, and soon to be adopted by other professional sporting organisations, the platform is an industry leader in both functionality and innovation, helping to reshape the competitive landscape of the fitness industry.


Welcome Fit has gone through many cross-disciplinary design phases, ensuring the end product was aesthetically appealing, easy to use and of course relevant to the user. We first mapped the user journey with user flows to best understand the user experience before we moved into the mobile wire framing. Understanding this journey is what shaped the design of the mobile platform and in turn the desktop design.


The first iteration of the platform contained video content solely created by Welcome Fit, and a recent update now enables trainers to upload their own content, providing greater flexibility and relevance.
Using Amazon S3, all video footage that is uploaded by trainers goes through a process of transcoding that optimises video for every browser across every device. This has ensured that the quality and speed of the video files are of the highest quality to ensure the most effective and enjoyable user experience.

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