Wayward Strand


  • Ghost Pattern
  • 2pt


Wayward Strand is an interactive story set in rural Victoria, about a teenage girl who explores an airborne hospital and gets to know the patients within. While the player as Casey moves around the airship, wandering through still-abandoned areas or talking to other characters, these other characters will also move and act of their own accord, on their own timelines, regardless of player interaction. As Casey explores the airship and gets to know its inhabitants, she comes to realise that she can affect the lives of other people, and the choice of what effect to have is up to her.

Key Features


* Wayward Strand is a unique example of experimental, interactive narrative design.
* The player can explore an interactive world where characters live, work, and interact with each other according to their own schedules – the player can talk with them, or just explore their stories just by living around them.
* With this project, we are taking an innovative interactive storytelling structure and applying it to a hyper-local Australian story.

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