Wayward Strand


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Wayward Strand is a heartfelt interactive story, told in a unique and curious way. Play as Casey Beaumaris – intrepid teenage journalist – as she visits an airborne hospital for the first time. Uncover the airship’s mysteries, and explore the lives of its inhabitants.

Key Features


Wayward Strand\’s release is widely-anticipated; due to its unique mechanics, characters and setting, and beautiful art style, a demo has been selected for showcases in Victoria and around the world – at PAX Australia, Day of the Devs in San Francisco, and Playtopia in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as for several world-wide, online events in 2020.


With Wayward Strand we are pioneering interactive media that explores the lives and stories of older people – and not as passive fonts of wisdom and history that other characters might visit or use, but as active protagonists of their own stories, who have important things going on in their lives right now.


In our development of Wayward Strand, we are part of a global movement that is transforming the popular conception of videogames – away from adolescent power fantasies, and towards telling complex, personal stories, starring nuanced characters; stories which the player takes a part in, but doesn\’t necessarily control the outcome of.


Wayward Strand is a storytelling videogame that takes inspiration from interactive theatre – it has no fail states, and is populated with a diverse cast of characters that act out their own stories on their own timelines, independent of the player\’s actions.

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