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Unity is a tablet, desktop PC and phone in one, offering a totally new way to manage communications and decouple from burdensome telecommunications companies. Unity lets you take total control of your business systems – accessing your data and team from around the world through a dedicated, secure and fast web-based network.

Unity’s compact format provides freedom and mobility, yet unlike other tablets, Unity’s dual operating system lets you edit business software such as spreadsheets and presentations. Back at your office Unity can be docked for the full desktop PC experience by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Key Features


Unity unlocks your business from big, traditional telecommunication providers. This lets you do business anywhere and offers huge savings on internet access and in particular, long distance and video calls. The PBX system is scalable – suitable for individual SOHO or large corporations. Corporate data security is a key feature; as the data resides on servers, not devices, a locked-out tablet loses access to databases. Vixtel has servers in major cities, including Melbourne, Cape Town and San Francisco to cover the globe. Rather than the public internet, Vixtel uses an uncontended layer 2 infrastructure for added security and amazing speed.


Unity’s sleek and refined product styling emulates the sophistication of the software systems within. Clever use of materials, such as soft touch finishes on touch points, optimised viewing angles for video, a USB port for extra accessories, an unconventional, simplified handset with minimal buttons, and long battery life work together to declutter the workspace, liberate the user from the desk, and enhance the overall user experience. You can even use your preferred Bluetooth headset further freeing you up to move. The aesthetics makes a bold statement and is helping Vixtel build a strong brand identity and appeal to global clientele.


New users might be daunted when first experiencing an Android-based system, so Vixtel created a simple and elegant launcher, providing easy one-touch access to common applications from the home screen. Vixtel’s custom built call management software offers simple graphics-based access to enterprise grade Internet voice calls, video, interactive calendar and interoffice chat.

Unity offers users a full desktop experience. Running Ubuntu, a Linux based operating system, all the common software applications like documents, spreadsheets, databases, desktop email and browser UI are delivered elegantly integrated. The convenience of a tablet no longer means giving up your spreadsheets, keyboard or computing power.


Thanks to its quad processors, dual operating systems (Android and Ubuntu) and dock, Unity provides total flexibility and true multitasking. From the one Unity device a user can run PC mode with external monitor, keyboard and mouse through the Unity dock. While in PC mode, Unity can also run independently in tablet mode, allowing full access to Android apps and the Vixtel call management software – effectively running 3 independent functions concurrently from one device. Paired with dedicated BlueTooth handset, Unity is an extension of your office PBX. Video calling, chat, transfer, park, record, faxing and live monitoring are standard.


Unity eliminates the need for a separate desktop PC and tablet, offering a full desktop experience and mobile tablet solution in one product. By simply reducing the need for individual products, Unity reduces the amount of materials and manufacturing required, thereby reducing overall environmental impact. By using quality, sturdy materials and finishes, Unity is durable in the field. As the Unity platform is software and internet-based, it is upgradeable for future improvement. Lastly, access for service, maintenance and battery replacement by a technician means that Unity is a product that continue to perform for many years to come.

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