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Visual Domain (VD) are industry leaders in video production, online marketing and animation for a range of clients Australia wide. From real estate to retail and beyond, VD has produced high impact video content for organisations such as Fairfax Media, Ray White, City of Melbourne, Nandos, American Express, NAB and Aussie.

As experts and innovators in the field of video production, they required a similarly ground breaking website to match the creative passion, impactful visual progressiveness and growth of their business.

Key Features


Some of the challenges we encountered with design were:

– Pushing the boundaries of what animation and effects are possible on a website.
– To ensure the large amount of videos are all displayed prominently without creating an overwhelming user experience.
– Making call to actions clear and easy to find in amongst the abundance of creative elements and animation.
– Enhancing the branding throughout the site. For example, animating key elements of the logo and using them throughout the site to add a nice finishing touch of brand personality.


User Experience

– Site uses clear call to actions throughout on all devices to assist in generating more enquiries.
– Although the site is heavy on video, it is still completely responsive ensuring all content is accessible and readable on any device.
– Can access information about client’s work immediately from the homepage via an easy access call to action button. The main action we want a user to take on the site is to view VD’s work and therefore contact them for a quote.
– Simple call-to-actions and social network integration drives visitors to become connected Visual Domain’s eco-system.


Good Execution of the ‘Page Tearing’ Effect

– Whilst there are a number of ways to achieve this animation, in VD’s case it was more complex due to splitting videos whilst they playing.
– Implementing this functionality also meant achieving support on all popular browsers and platforms, especially with non-standard input devices (e.g. Apple Magic Mouse) and with smaller screen sizes.


Housing a Large Volume of Videos

– Housing approximately 100 videos on the site without causing overwhelming load times by hosting many videos on the client’s external video server.
– Other videos were hosted within the site.


Responsive Design

With such unique effects, functionality and numerous video to work with, an appropriate solution on mobile and tablet devices was another challenge.

– Removing some videos that were not a high priority to showcase, whilst remaining videos opened directly in the device’s video player rather than through a lightbox.
– Custom reloading mechanisms used to ensure the website looked perfect regardless of viewport size.

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