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We were tasked with redeveloping Visit Gippsland’s digital presence as it faced a number of problems related to user experience and functionality. In response, we combined all existing web properties into one overarching platform that would meet the needs of stakeholders including consumers, industry partners and event managers. The new website was built using our Roam platform, which comes packed with features to enhance the user experience of travel and tourism sites, including automatic synchronisation with ATDW, custom itinerary builder, a resources section for travel agents, interactive maps, lightning-fast Algolia search and search engine optimisation.

Key Features


We delivered a comprehensive, user-focused platform with best-in-class ‘visitability’ and trip-planning tools. The website needed to ultimately increase conversions and bookings with the Gippsland region’s many operators, so we unified the region’s attractions into a single comprehensive platform, with improved tools for discovery and bookings. By providing rich, tailored content for each audience segment, as well as powerful tools for search and planning, we made the website the easiest place to plan a Gippsland escape.


The stunning new website will be critical for a region that relies heavily on tourism, which is even more important now given the dramatic impact of bushfires and COVID-19. First and foremost, the redesign has increased awareness of Gippsland as a tourism destination thanks to best-in-class ‘visitability’ and trip-planning tools, combined with increased engagement from tailored content and powerful search-and-planning tools. Gippsland can expect to see many more visitors as a result of the website transformation, helping to drive both regional and state-level recovery on an economic, social, and community basis.


The Visit Gippsland website delivers a best-in-class visitor experience that Gippsland can be proud of, setting a new benchmark for destination marketing at both a state and national level. With cutting-edge features, Algolia search, interactive maps and a wealth of carefully curated content, the website can be truly regarded as ‘best practice’, at both a local and international level.


Extensive user experience research and a review of available data was essential in the initial design stages. We held a client workshop to pinpoint target audiences, develop user personas and identify customer journeys, which allowed us to maximise the website’s impact and develop the information architecture and content. We split the site into various sections, including ‘Destinations’, ‘Do & See’ and ‘Stay’, giving users the ability to explore the region online, and also integrated Algolia to ensure faster search times and enhanced results. These actions ultimately resulted in driving significantly improved engagement metrics and enhancing awareness and visitation.

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