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Boe Vintage Bluetooth Speakers make the best of old and new. By combining 21st century technology and mid-century style we are producing desirable products that are friendly to the environment. All of our bluetooth speakers utilise re-purposed valve and transistor radio cases and accessories, seamlessly merged with new integrated circuitry to create a product that has all of the benefits of a new bluetooth speaker, without any unnecessary manufacturing.

Key Features


With our Vintage Bluetooth Speakers we focused on making the most from the least. Understanding that there is a market from bluetooth speakers, we worked to create a unique solution with the minimum environmental impact. We avoided making new enclosures, controls and speakers, by re-using obsolete radio components (simultaneously keeping these out of the waste stream). We then eliminated producing a power supply by specifying a power cable that will plug into any phone charger. Finally, we eliminated the battery, since our power cable also engages with phone battery-banks, maximising mobility without producing unnecessary batteries.


The Vintage Bluetooth Speaker shows that contemporary functionality does not need to come with a hefty environmental price-tag. Through clever re-use of existing materials, a functional, beautiful, cost competitive product can be developed with a substantially smaller environmental impact than traditional new products. Our design practice is focused on blurring the lines between new and old by merging contemporary technology with vintage materials.


Bluetooth speakers have been on the market for several years, and they generally share the same drawbacks.
– Built-in batteries that have a high environmental cost and create designed obsolescence as they fail.
– Complex construction making them impractical to recycle at the end-of-life
– Many high end devices feature proprietary apps, which restrict the range of devices that can connect with them, also leading to designed obsolescence

By re-using vintage cases, using simple bluetooth connection, and allowing for connection to an external batterypack we are avoiding all of these design pitfalls of the current bluetooth speaker market.


Boe is focused on merging old and new. Valve radios were built in their millions in the 1950s, \’60s and \’70s in Australia, and while many survive, failing and dangerous electronics and AM limited reception make them largely decorative today. The great number that still exist however, provides a unique opportunity for re-use. Available supply is great enough to provide the opportunity to enact volume production methodology and efficiency in a re-used and upcycled product. This allows for re-manufactured and upcycled Vintage Bluetooth Speakers to be manufactured at a price comparable with new mass-manufactured products.

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