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We redesigned the Village Cinemas website to make it easier for moviegoers to purchase movie tickets. But we also took the opportunity to create a user experience that better reflected a more premium product experience. Through our extensive collaborative and transparent user-centred approach, we have helped Village Cinemas establish processes and behaviours that will ensure they create better products and overall, a better customer experience.

Key Features


We followed a user centred design process throughout the project, making sure that we tested our design work with customers regularly. We iterated on our prototypes each sprint, and tested with casual moviegoers, highly engaged members and Village Cinema staff.

We followed a mobile first approach because we knew the majority of traffic was coming from people using mobile devices.


The website launched recently, during COVID-19 restrictions, so we won\’t understand the full impact of our work until early next year, when we hope to see moviegoers attending cinemas in larger numbers again.

However, we had UsabilityOne, a third party usability consultancy agency, benchmark test our prototype and and they concluded that we had improved the overall usability of the experience from an initial score of 77.2/100 to a new score of 90.9/100.


Together with our immediate stakeholders we introduced the wider team to the benefits of following a user-centred design process. We made our testing and progress completely open and transparent to all staff, and we showcased our work regularly throughout the design process.

As a by-product of our work, we have started to see a shift in the internal culture at Village Cinemas, with other areas of the business keen to follow a similar process for their own projects.


We redesigned the ticket booking process by focusing on two main calls to action — search by cinema or search by movie — and made it obvious on mobile by \’sticking\’ it to the bottom of the interface. We made the following sequences as simple as possible and provided more options for power users.

We established a unique visual concept that meant experiential content like movie descriptions and trailers is presented on dark backgrounds, and transaction sequences like buying a ticket on lighter screens.

We animated the \’v\’ in the background and incorporated a spotlight effect that follows users as they scroll.


– Convenient calls to action
– Simple ticket selection sequence
– Assignment of dark and light themes for experiential / transaction content
– Subtle \’v\’ animation on scroll
– Subtle spotlight effect int he background on scroll
– Responsive design across all devices

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