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The project brief was to refurbish the original 1960’s interior which has never been touched since construction. It wasn’t a very complicated brief for us to create a modern and contemporary open space living area as the client was open to any ideas.

Our concept design for the renovation was to create a sense of a larger “apartment style” living space in the most cost effective way.

Key Features


The existing original worn out mauve carpet was discarded along with the existing vinyl in the kitchen and laundry which unfortunately contained asbestos.

We were pleased finding that the existing timber floor was all in a very good condition and only needed sanding and stained in a darker tone and finished with a glossy coating for richness.

The existing wallpapered and uneven walls and ceilings were replaced and given layers of white paint to achieve a crisp contemporary sense of volume contrasting with the dark timber floor.


The use of the Vivid white for the walls took several extra layers of paint in order to achieve a pure crisp white and the expansive feel.

The contrasting theme was continued by applying a wood like laminate for the new extensive joinery to complement the existing Tasmanian Oak timber floor after it was renewed and stained in Black Japan.

LED lighting throughout the spaces provides low maintenance and durability.

White shear curtains from ceiling to floor installed in front of narrow venetian blinds softened the existing window and yet accentuated the existing ceiling height.


We reinvigorated the unexciting, worn out original 1960\’s Villa Unit in a secluded inner Eastern Melbourne suburb to a “modern inner city apartment style” within the constrained budget.

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