Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Service Wall


  • Sinatra Murphy P/L & AQL Landscape Design
  • Andrew Hogg Design


Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd and AQL Landscape Design transformed the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Service Wall from a brief calling for a black granite wall with approximately 60,000 names to an engaging visual account of Australia’s involvement in the war. A design process was developed to work with the project Committee, resulting in a story board of 80 images selected from 4,500 pictures taken by servicemen. This directed the development of the 85 metre serpentine wall composed of 109 glass art panels presenting imagery integrated with 60,278 names, and set in precast concrete plinths that accommodate approximately 20,000 poppies.

Key Features


The proposition for Veterans to share their story through imagery resulted in visitor appeal beyond Veterans and families. Over 12,000 people have visited since officially opening.

The project’s broad appeal has resulted in Seymour being a regional destination, and economic benefits for local businesses.

The proposition to use glass as a medium for story transformed the wall from a traditional to contemporary approach for commemoration.

The creative control over the walls visual content ensured legibility of text and artwork; the modular system allowed installation efficiency; and the panel numbering provides for future story development though a QR code or APP.


This project was developed through a participatory design process working with a representation from the Mitchell Sub Branch of Vietnam Veterans, establishing the parameters of the wall’s visual content and ensuring that the ownership of the story is retained by the Veterans.

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