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Victorian Opera (VO) is undoubtedly one of the most innovative, creative, and unpredictable non-for-profit opera companies in the world.
To expand their reach to a broader audience, we first replaced a dated platform and aesthetic with a more relevant digital presence, targeting both existing and new audiences. This unique and more engaging online experience was ready for the launch of the 2018 season, coinciding with VO’s new corporate brand: the perfect timing for extending the physical stage to the digital space, resulting in a significant upturn in ticket sales and brand exposure online.

Key Features


Improved storytelling through a flexible content management system, enabling VO the ability to manage content internally and deliver relevant information quickly.

Highlighting a forward-thinking elegance, we designed a seamless and somewhat unusual interface, modest enough to let seasonal creative be the hero.


Discover and engage
Rich content and playful interaction ensures a deeper level of engagement and reason to explore and ‘get lost’ in the content.

Increased traffic
Doubled number of users and significant increase in session pages compared to year before only 3 weeks after launch.

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