Victoria Police Alcohol and Drug Testing (ADT) buses


  • Cobalt Design
  • Brimarco Byron Wade
  • Ottimo Design
  • Victoria Police


The innovative design of Victoria Police’s new Alcohol and Drug Testing (ADT) buses will play an integral role in reducing road trauma.

Drink and drug drivers will be removed from the roads with the purpose built bus enabling police to randomly test motorists anytime anywhere.

The ADT is designed to meet operational police’s every need – it will enhance police safety, transport personnel and equipment statewide and also double as mobile command posts during major incidents. The vehicles are designed and built in Victoria, by Victorian firms Cobalt Design and Brimarco Byron Wade.

Key Features


New alcohol and drug testing vehicles were needed to replace the current ageing fleet to ensure drink and drug driving deterrence levels were maintained, if not increased, across the state.

The vehicle needed to be more manoeuvrable and agile than the old; with advanced safety standards and features to create a safer workplace for police and road users.

The aesthetic design of the vehicle embodies police as both enforcer and protector, firmly projecting the bus’s purpose to the public through its innovative and striking design.


The new design ADT vehicle will increase police operational efficiencies in removing drink and drug drivers from the road.

Trauma on the roads as a result of impaired driving is preventable.

There’s no doubt that the ADT vehicle will have a significant impact: increasing tests, in more places will save lives and reduce trauma.

As the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce compulsory random breath tests and the first in the world to introduce road side drug testing, the innovative and versatile ADT will continue Victoria’s legacy as being a global leader in road safety.

Its role is integral in reducing the annual road toll which, over the past four decades, decreased from 1,061 in 1970 to 259 in 2017.

The ADT will allow Victoria Police to effectively serve the community and with its bold presence, deter impaired drivers and reflect Victoria’s tough stance on drink and drug driving.


Victoria Police, recognised as world leaders with regard to road safety, challenged the design team to again raise the bar and further improve on the legacy of the 2004 award winning second generation, ‘booze bus’. As designers and manufacturers of the 2004 vehicles, Cobalt Design and Brimarco Byron Wade distilled 14 years of knowledge and user-insights into the design of the new ADT vehicles.

Through observing current work practices and public road conditions, the design team identified the importance of reducing the risk associated with setting up the testing area. Designers proposed to separate setup procedures from the dangers of passing traffic, the breakthrough solution being front/rear storage ‘drawers’ allowing officers to safely and efficiently access equipment.


The ADT vehicle operates under high demand and unforgiving conditions 365 days a year.

Therefore maximising safety, well-being and efficiency of officers when working at mobile testing sites were designers’ focus when developing interior spaces. This led to a range of interior innovations (in addition to exterior design features above):

• Convertible seating – forward facing passenger seat can be safely swivelled to convert into a break area for the crew with a fold out table when the vehicle is deployed
• Segregated layout – intelligent layout design separates interview rooms from crew areas to maximise privacy and effectiveness of both work and break spaces
• Interior components – clever stowage areas keep general and specialised equipment secure during transit.
• Police equipment – flush cabinetry hardware and wide seating create ample space to suit accoutrement-equipped crew
• Low floor – step-free floor provides safe, unobstructed passage throughout


• Transformable – able to be converted into a mobile command post during major incidents and emergency situations
• Exterior Lighting – multiple exterior lights programed to illuminate alternative testing configurations. In addition, a roof mounted electro-pneumatic mast pivots up 9m; providing over 80,000 lumens of directional LED lighting to test zones whilst reducing glare for approaching traffic.
• Exterior doors – pneumatic flush finish doors operated by touch button controls with manual override.
• Programmable control system – large external LED screen display, interior lighting and all major electrical systems are managed by an intuitive, BBW-developed interface.
• ADR compliant – the vehicle is fully compliant with all applicable Australian Standards/ADRs (Australian Design Rules).

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