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Our vision for VicRoads was to create an online experience that meets customers’ needs regardless of who they are, where they are, or what device they are on. A key strategic goal for VicRoads was to enhance customer service by making it easier for customers to find information and transact online so they have a reduced need to visit a customer service centre or call VicRoads. As a growing proportion of customers are using mobile devices to access the website, the site needed to be fully responsive and optimised for a range of devices.

Key Features


A key feature that enabled the team to deliver an outstanding user experience is the ability to personalise the site. The home page features travel time and incident information giving customers a snapshot of traffic conditions. By personalising traffic modules, the website is able to remember the customer’s preferences and display real-time traffic conditions relevant to them. Personalisation also enables targeted marketing of key VicRoads campaigns. Based on the user’s engagement with various sections of the site, promotions relevant to the customer’s behaviour are displayed.


The VicRoads website houses an abundance of forms and technical documents which have been notoriously difficult to find in the past. The tagging and categorisation of media library items enabled Deloitte Digital to build a repository of documents with a faceted search so that customers can find the forms they need easily. The new Change of Address form has been a huge success, having recorded a 24% increase in usage and is averaging 300 transactions a day higher despite less visits to the site. Traditionally this form has had huge error rates resulting in a large number of calls through to the call centre.


The information architecture has been made more intuitive and key content pages have been rewritten making it easier for customers to find the information they need. On the first day after its release, the new Registration Renewals form processed $480,000 worth of Renewals in the space of 6 hours through our implementation of the Westpac Payment Gateway. The New Unregistered Vehicle Permit application is available online for the first time and is already achieving 28% share across channels.

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