VicRoads Identity Refresh


  • Celia Dymond
  • Tania Biasotto
  • Simon Canty


VicRoads Identity System needed a refresh invigorate the organisations visual identity and branding system to reflect the changes in the organisiation and to represent the ever changing need of communication channels, the trending towards digital. The previous system was static, dated and had low customer appeal.
The design idea was to create an adaptive new customer focused visual identity that would translate to digital as well as have a strong visual print channel, whist positioning the organisation as a modern customer focused organisation that it is today

Key Features


Design Innovation
The colour green has been associated with the VicRoads brand for nearly 40yrs. To invigorate this identity, three greens (PMS 376, PMS361, PMS349) of the past brand generations were overlayed and multiplied, to visually create a mulit-tone approach that had equal strength in digital and print executions.


Design Excellence
The identity system accommodates visionary and operational imagery to tell a realistic story of the diverse aspects of VicRoads. Three distinct image areas are used when combined create a coherent whole. They tell a story about our diverse organisation or about people going about their every day lives.
These areas can be adapted to be used as an individual subjects or working in unison to display a multi-faceted progressive organisation.

In print this channels a sense of movement and progression.
In digital this allows for a muli-dimensional approach to content and graphic devices. The use of these devices provide effective tools to further communicate key messages and engage the user all in the one moment.

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