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Vexo Spikes are safe, durable and effective bird spikes that have been trusted for over 20 years around the world to protect building from birds. Their product is of the highest quality and can be found in a variety of buildings around the globe.

The objectives of the project were to:
– Bring the product: bird control spikes to life!
– Deliver a responsive website that performs exceptionally on mobile devices.

Key Features


Technical Highlights

– Full screen spread on all screen sizes except mobile where a full spread showcase image is used instead to fill the mobile screen.
– Custom dynamic animations using CSS transitions triggered by class change using jQuery.
– Auto-play video on the homepage banner, whilst having separate lightbox video with YouTube video embedded further down the same page.
– CSS sprite animations that functions on desktop, tablet and mobile.
– Product feature “dot points” are custom and unique to each product (controlled by and editable by the custom WordPress CMS back-end).
– Custom Modernizr file.



– WordPress CMS was used due to it being open sourced, ease of use for the client and for its robust features.


Special Features

– Homepage animations to create user immersion.
– Parallax animations on the homepage.
– The layout and design remains proportional from desktop through to mobile on all device sizes.
– Multiple mobile device friendly layouts.
– CSS sprite animation to preview 180 degree view of the product CAD file before fading in a candid product photo with “dot points” opening pop-outs describing key features of the product on desktop view.
– Intelligent form validation using a red border to indicate invalid field inputs.

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