Vesica Piscis


  • Marso Moda


Current project involves exploration of subconscious world
that has been greatly inspired by work of Carl G. Jung. I want to explore how colour tone and form can reflect a feminine archetype. What provokes relation to a part of the character that we have with in? It involves character development for a performance, creation of costumes, and mixed media paintings. Through costume design I would like to push boundaries of the minimalist tendencies and create elaborate and detailed pieces. In this discourse I explore human evolution and people behavior in
countries vs. cultures and cities vs. countryside.

Key Features


Costume design is a great tool for creativity for me. It has a freedom of self expression, well guided sustainable practices, and deep focus on intention. Every piece of Vesica Piscis series are made by one human, by me. I research and use only local materials and invest in local collaborations. I intent to create work that exhibits refined finishes and fastidious details.


In this discourse I would like to open conceptions regarding identity and sexuality. Through symbols and personifications, I would like to express roots of womanhood.
We stepped away from domesticity and exploring new Empowered female.
Who is she/he? What are we cultivating for the benefits of this Planet?
I aspire that this questions could be asked to one-self. I would like to show people how social interaction can be poetic, healing, flowing, uplifting. My designs express connection with out discrimination and genuine observation of a person. It initially focused on women. But there is no borders of genders.


Headdress is a symbolic feature of costumes in many cultures and for represents key attribute that dictates the mood of the character. These new headdresses are crucial piece in contemporary costume design and can set a new wave and a new trend for less elaborate, smaller pieces as fascinators for racecourse events.


Vesica Piscis costume design is based on artisan techniques that I have learned from native cultures across the world. Headdress making and fabric prints are all original pieces of art and have been skillfully constructed. Each piece of a costume is an individual couture made garment and accessory that can be used separately and be reintroduced in later works.

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