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Melbourne based start-up UPPERCUP has released its premium reusable coffee cup.

With a mission to end the use of disposable coffee cups, UPPERCUP provides coffee lovers with a beautifully designed and Melbourne made reusable solution.

We believe in good design that enhances our experiences, that is innovative and long lasting.

UPPERCUP is the simple, elegant and functional cup inspired by our daily coffee travels and the notion that good design can make our favourite rituals even more enjoyable.

Sustainability is a crucial element in our journey and is all about marrying timeless design with the highest quality materials.

Key Features


UPPERCUP is defined by it\’s double wall design. It gives the cup a beautiful and elegant aesthetic. It serves the function of insulation, keeping your coffee hot inside and your hands cool on the outside.

– Made from durable, high quality, long lasting Tritan copolyester.
– BPA free.
– The double wall design keeps your fingers cool and your coffee hot.
– The rotating lid mechanism ensures a spill resistant seal for the perfect travel cup.
– Dishwasher safe and will always retain it\’s high quality finish.
– It\’s available in two sizes: 8oz and 12oz.

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