Universal Wood / Shredder Machine


  • Chipstar Australia Pty Ltd


I created project of the machine that can be use as a wood chipper machine and as a shredder machine for different kinds of material. Name of the wood chipper machine is 305V and name of the shredder machine is 305VS. Letter \”V\” is pointed that this machine using vortex air flow for discharging the wood chips or the pieces another materials.

Key Features


305V machine designed for using two different cutting drums: one cutting drum has the knives and another cutting drum has hammers and cutting teeth.


This machine has one of the best exterior between all machine in the world.


I will use this project achievement for future our machine as well.


First time in the world customer can use one machine for two different jobs.Customer has to replace one cutting drum to on another. This replacement can be produced only during two hours.


Machine use feed metal conveyor for supply cutting stuff to cutting area.

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