Unique Modern Design Water Saver Planting Pot


  • Master Distributors Pty Ltd


Sandra Dobbin, CEO, founded Master Distributors in 1998 to source, import, distribute and exclusively represent international leading brands for the Australasian markets.

Our headquarters is in south east suburbs of Melbourne we also have warehousing and distribution in NZ

Manufacture and sell unique products through a range of channels to meet consumer needs.

The Modern Water Saver Project was first discussed back in August 2014 from this discussion our in house design team developed a concept that was unique and was accepted January 2015.

Key Features


Our unique Modern design Water Saver pot offers consumers on trend colour, design and functionality.

Is ideal for all Australian and New Zealand conditions
Suites both modern and traditional homes

Works on capillary action and saves up to 50% water use

A built in over flow feature aids in helping to prevent over filling

Is ideal for indoor and outdoor use the design maintains an air gap between the water level in the pot and the base of the plant offering superior growing conditions

Aids in less compaction of the soil associated with watering from the top of the pot.


Our Modern Water Saver design was developed in Australia and is 100% Australian made.

Master Distributors is advancing the Australian manufacturing sector by investing in manufacturing in Victoria.

Master Distributors in committed to the Garden Leisure market in developing Australian made products for the Aussie gardeners

Home Leisure has Australian design registration document submitted

We have applied for the Smart Water Mark accreditation logo to be used on our pots

The Modern design is ideal for decks, courtyards, balconies, outdoor rooms and gardens.

Master distributors is getting consumers off the couch and out into the fresh air which helps Australians lead healthier lives.

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