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UniFORM is a breakthrough app that greatly increases productivity by replacing many business apps with one. UniFORM has totally transformed the delivery of mobile computing. UniFORM provides a streamlined environment by integrating multiple business systems into a single mobile app, that can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Patent pending UniFORM displays the same data, in the same format on an iPhone, Android phone, Galaxy Tablet, iPad, desktop or any other mobile device. UniFORM is language independent, and ideal for any corporation wanting to enhance productivity and substantially reduce the cost of running multiple apps securely in the cloud.

Key Features


UniFORM integrates mobile devices with high complexity applications, by designing a transformational application architecture that seamlessly integrates and enables mobile device application into multiple backend systems, whilst enabling the backend systems to use smart mobile device features.

UniFORM can be integrated into any business system, and user\’s can access UniFORM from the mobile device of their choice.

IT department’s world-wide are under intense pressure to roll-out new versions of mobile apps. UniFORM’s innovative solution greatly reduces cost by moving all development to the back end.

UniFORM dramatically simplifies development of business systems, by seamlessly standardising the mobile client for multiple business applications.


Currently large business systems are being enabled for mobile devices. These systems are segmented into a number of small apps, typically based on a business function. User’s need to open multiple apps on their device to complete a task. Another problem is that users currently have limited data access and functionality.

The UniFORM mobile application architecture overcomes this problem, by providing secure access to the entire business systems functions on one mobile device app.


Existing business systems typically provide full functionality when the user is in the office using a PC, and provides limited access when running on other devices.

UniFORM has been designed to run on any device, and provides full access to the business system’s feature; so that user’s can scan access business systems from their chosen device and seamlessly move from desktop to mobile device, with huge productivity savings.

UniFORM currently has mobile clients for both iOS and Android and will be releasing clients for Windows and Mac in Dec 2013.


The UniFORM architecture is specifically designed to provide a simple method of integrating the smart device features into existing and future business systems. The UniFORM app integrates with the device’s smart features so UniFORM hosted apps are able to access the device’s smart features to make a call, send an email etc.

This saves time and cost by simplifying the software development process and software testing by providing a consistent interface for regression testing and by enabling new modules or features to be added without having to change or update the user\’s apps.


The UniFORM server provides an environment for integrating multiple applications into a single service. Users are able to move seamlessly between different applications or modules, without having to log-in or out.

Each application can operate autonomously or as an integrated federation. When entering an application, the user’s validated credentials are passed to the application, so it can independently establish the user profile and session.

The benefit of this is that the user has a single application environment, while the business is able to integrate multiple systems into a single user environment.

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