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The Über Shed 02 is a renovation of an existing “off the shelf” Australian steel shed, located on the Mornington Peninsular. The existing shed was built only 4 years earlier but had limited functionality for the brief and lacked aesthetic appeal. The client basically wanted more space to store and display their many prized eclectic possessions such as an WWII army jeep and an Airstream bus. We believed the shed was simply too new to be demolished so we created an addition that meets the brief, is contemporary and fits perfectly in the beautiful Australian setting.

Key Features


This building is a simple shed. It has however been designed well beyond what is expected of a typical rural shed. The form is unique and contemporary and incorporates a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that will age and blend with the surrounding environment over time. The client primarily uses this building to store and display its eclectic and historical range of collectable items, yet has the additional benefit of being a retreat for the client, which he holds with immense pride, often inviting people to come, visit and enjoy.


We have significantly reduced the embodied energy output by re-purposing an existing building into a contemporary multifunctional building, thereby extending its lifespan. The building has a lowered carbon footprint with the incorporation of sustainable materials such as recycled timber parquetry flooring and decking, Victorian ash and plywood cladding. It also houses a large collection of items that have been preserved rather than discarded. The large roof collects rainwater for the screened 80,000lt tank, which is the main source of water for the building. The tank is also used for irrigating the surrounding native planting around the building as well as firefighting.


Uber Shed 2 challenges the idea of what a shed looks like and what it can be used for, the symbol of rural Australia. The design focused on having a shed structure that was raw, robust and honest yet contemporary, and with an aesthetic that blends in with the amazing surroundings from the inside- out. In essence, it’s a giant volume but feels like part living room, part museum and part working space. It celebrates a building type that is quintessentially familiar in Australia but not really defined nor celebrated as much as we think it should be.


The renovation included relining the existing shed with a matt custom orb, created new glazed openings and incorporated areas of timber cladding and plywood, including operable and fixed screening. The shed “extension” references the hip and gable roof of the existing shed with a visually abstract addition while they still both look as one. Being a shed, this gave us the freedom to design a contextual but modern element that is appropriately scaled and referenced to its context. We have transformed a usually bland utility building into a piece of unique and refined architecture.


Other than utilising healthy linings whether it be natural or low VOC materials, the building has good natural light and ventilation, controllable by large sliding glass doors and external solid timber sliding panels. With its access to the natural environment, it creates a place of quiet contemplation as much as one of social enjoyment.

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