Typography Lighting System – CILON


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  • Studio Truly Truly


Rakumba in collaboration with Studio Truly Truly have designed a lighting system of exceptional flexibility and purity of form. The system is inspired by the way characters form words, and how these can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression.
Typography is a mix and match lighting system based around an advanced rail allowing for the complete mobility of each light.
Typography’s first collection, named CILON, consists of seven different lighting fixtures, or characters. Each light can be positioned on four sides of the central axis and can be controlled independently of any other.

Key Features


Typography is an entirely new, innovative and authentic lighting system that delivers functionality and aesthetic detail that is not seen in traditional track lighting systems. The intelligent design allows independent dimming control of each light in the system regardless of its location or positioning. Rakumba’s patent pending lighting system is in a class of its own, offering a huge range of flexibility for Architectural specifiers. Typography is a true indication of what is possible when performance and practicality is incorporated with decorative lighting.


With the launch of Typography internationally at IMM Cologne in Germany in January, the new range has spearheaded Rakumba’s entry to the European market as Australia’s flagship representative in decorative lighting, and signals a business pivot to worldwide export. The design brief focussed heavily on the incorporation of highly flexible performance form-factors, thereby bridging the traditional divide between purely ambient and architecturally functional lighting – effectively opening Rakumba decorative products to professional lighting designers and dramatically increasing potential market share. By addressing these two purposes simultaneously, the product also eliminates redundancy, reducing energy usage, installation costs, and physical waste.


Rakumba has established a reputation for excellence in the design industry. This is continually enhanced through ongoing collaborations with emerging and established Industrial Designers. Our design process is well established, structured and mature. The process is central to the way we commercialise new product collections. Through investment in professional design skills, tools and our design collaborations, Rakumba has successfully transformed from a traditional manufacturing business to a business that is well regarded as a leading design studio in the decorative lighting industry. The immediately evident return on investment reinforces the value of this approach, and justifies continued expansion.


Innovation sits at the foundation of Typography. The three-dimensional track system – with luminaires that can connect on any side – allows for an unprecedented creative dialogue between manufacturer, designer and end user. While simplicity is achieved for customer usage, delivering an elegant production solution involved substantial research, development and iterative testing. Technology partners such as Tridonic and Xicato provided cutting-edge LEDs and control gear capable of meeting demanding performance standards. Meanwhile, Rakumba used these advances in an unexpected way to eliminate much of the bulk and complexity of conventional track systems – culminating in a world-first, patent pending design.

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