• Amanda Pacheco Bravo
  • Shimroth John Thomas
  • Joseph Oliver Yap
  • Tutor - Dr Olivier Cotsaftis
  • RMIT School of Design MDIT program


The wine industry contributes much to Victoria yet it also generates 68,000 tons of grape waste annually. In landfill this waste releases methane, a potent GHG.

Bottling & transport account for 2/3 of the wine industry’s carbon footprint and although glass can be recycled, broken glass can cause recyclers to refuse service.

T’wine is biodegradable sustainable packaging for the wine made from the by-products of winemaking. Paired with an urban winery experience and an app, it keeps materials in use, while supporting local wineries and generating jobs. T’wine aims to scale and eventually eliminate glass and packaging waste in FMCGs.

Key Features


T’wine bottle is to be made from PHB biopolymer derived from grape pomace, CO2, ethanol, and water. PHB is suitable for beverage packaging and readily decomposes in soil, compost, and aquatic environments.

The bottle is 50% lighter and 25% smaller (rectangular volume) than conventional glass bottles, while still containing 750mL of wine. The bottle’s unique ring serves as a handle and cushioning during transport. The bar and app incentivises refill and proper disposal of bottles.

Our design process moved back-and-forth between full-size drawings, cardboard prototypes, and 3D prints. The bottle fits compactly in fridge doors, and the handle is ergonomic.


T’wine integrates multiple sustainability strategies in a holistic solution. Adhering to circular economy principles, grape waste from winemaking is designed to eliminate glass waste in wine packaging.

Materials are minimised by encouraging refills, and bottles at the end of life can be collected for vermicomposting—both of which are made convenient and engaging through the urban winery and app. Even if the bottle exits collection streams, the material to be used, PHB, readily decomposes in soil, compost, and aquatic environments, unlike bioplastics like PLA.

Sustainable habits are enforced with memorable social experiences and by connecting consumers with winemakers and communities.


T’wine sets a new benchmark for sustainable design, and it is also distinctly Victorian. It understands that sustainability is a systemic problem, so it proposes a material/product/service/system solution. This holistic and transdisciplinary approach highlights the strength of Victoria’s multicultural population and strong education system. Clear from its name and slogan, “Celebrating Interconnection”, T’wine is a celebration of diversity.

This also reflects the future role of designers. As the world’s problems become more complex and intertwined, designers bring value by connecting and balancing different perspectives in a purpose-driven way. This approach results in something greater than the sum of its parts.


T’wine encourages early adoption of PHB, an emerging biodegradable polymer grown from bacteria, in a market-relevant and commercially viable product/service/system proposal. Through circular economy thinking, the design addresses climate change, plastic pollution, waste generation & Covid-19 economic challenges.

By deriving PHB from the by-products of winemaking, production, transport, and overhead costs are reduced.

At the T’wine zero-wate urban winery, customers discover new brands through memorable and sustainable experiences, while bottles can be purchased, refilled, or vermicomposted.

The app manages refills and promotes sustainable behaviours by holding the wine’s digital label, and connecting consumers with winemakers and circular economy communities.


The T’wine Urban Winery experience delivers a zero-waste wine & dine experience to immerse and educate customers with the T’wine vision.

The app engages with customers digitally. It holds the wine’s digital label, winemaker information, online wine purchases, future events at the urban winery & a community page to learn more about circular economy innovations.

Through unique experience, the target market (millennials) are engaged, aiding in brand discovery and commanding a higher price for the bottle and service.

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