Tusk Console Table


  • Harry Strouzas for PodMarket Pty Ltd


Delicate organic shapes define this table, which looks more like an animal about to move, as opposed to a fixed, static object.

This table is made in a unique and non-traditional manner. There are no straight lines present.  The technical challenges in making a traditional material (wood) appear so organic and lively are numerous.  Two inch thick sycamore hardwood was steam bent then shaped into curved, tapered cylindrical “tusks” using a variety of hand techniques. Each “tusk” forms a leg and two legs are then joined together to add structural integrity to the overall piece.

The high end processes continue, such as the mould making and laminating techniques required to make the decorative, wave-like (under) top.  The very top elliptical shape is constructed from a solitary piece of sycamore, and is reinforced with stainless steel rods to keep it perfectly flat, even when exposed to interior heating and cooling.

This piece shows a total disregard for traditional rules yet somehow manages to integrate a range of techniques in a very modernist and intriguing manner.  The design aesthetic was paramount and focussed on minimalism and a visual lightness of material, yet had to fit within an overall, organic silhouette which suggested movement and flexibility.

Key Features


This table is light, with no wastage of materials in its form or during production.
Thick section steam bending required for the legs with skilful hand shaping taking place afterwards.
A high standard of mould making and laminating techniques (with decorative face veneers) also present in the wave like (under) top. Minimalist, non-traditional, organic form evident, with a suggestion of movement and flexibility in the piece itself. Very versatile, functional and contemporary design.

The top is one piece of wood – kept straight with the inclusion of full length stainless rods running within. The waver layer was made using a bespoke mould and thin sheets of aero ply, faced with fiddle back sycamore. Each leg is reminiscent of an elephant tusk, and was shaped from two inch thick steam bent sycamore.

An excellent example of how a hand-made piece out of such a traditional material can look so contemporary and minimalist and new. Bucking all the trends can only be done in the hands of certain designers.


The Tusk Console Table is designed by Harry Strouzas. All intellectual property, copyright and moral rights have been assigned to Superpod Pty Ltd, who have licensed use of the design to PodMarket Pty Ltd.

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