TSAR Woven


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TSAR Woven is a hybrid of traditional Axminster Woven carpet and Hand Tufted carpet. Never seen in the market before this product represents the innovation and commitment of the Tsar team to bring new design potential to the Architectural and Design world. Large quantities of carpet are now customisable using pile and yarn type variations, opening up for the first time innumerable options to create unique flooring.

Key Features


Flexibility and freedom in design is the key feature of Tsar Woven carpet. Where once the pile height was consistent, Tsar is now able to use pile height to create design elements never used before in traditional Axminster carpet. Pile can be raised or lowered, cut or loop.
Depending on the yarn type and fibre content used large quantities of carpet will now look hand made with customised design, colour and texture. Hotels can now include carpet as a design feature and commercial premises have more scope for branding. Choice has just been redefined, the exquisite, expanded.

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