TriLatch Safety Gate Latch


  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd


The simple solutions are sometimes the best and the unique TriLatch push-hold-lift child safety design provides that added layer of protection at an affordable price. Independently tested to Australian Standards, the TriLatch requires the red button to be pressed down and held while the top pull release is lifted to open the gate.

Key Features


Our patented TriLatch Top Pull Latches are built to last . We have incorporated rust-free fibre-reinforced polymers, e-coated aluminium & stainless steel in its construction. The latch, like all the Safetech Hardware range, will also resist damage from the harsh Australian weather as they are UV stabilised. With a limited lifetime warranty & laboratory tested to Australian Standards, this product is built to last.


The TriLatch is a unique patented design by Safetech Hardware Australia, who are thrilled to be able to offer parents an affordable safety gate latch – it is the simple solutions that are often the best!


All pool gate hardware is designed with safety in mind, what transforms our TriLatch is our patented push-hold-lift safety design for those times when the kids are un-attended in the backyard. This added security feature is an affordable solution to inquisitive children using a garden rake, or similar tool, to push up the release button on the latch and gain access to the pool when adults are not around.


Conventional swimming pool or garden gates may comply with regulations but kids are clever! They can figure out how to use a broom handle or other garden tools to lift the latch knob or simply stand on a chair. What makes the TriLatch system special is that two actions must be performed at the same time. First the red release button must be pressed and held and then the knob has to be lifted in order to gain entry. This simply can’t be done with a garden tool, toy or other long object. This feature will ensure toddlers don\’t gain unsupervised access in areas unsupervised


Easy to follow instructions make the TriLatch gate latch a snap to install. All you need is an electric drill and screwdriver to attach the TriLatch to aluminium, steel, timber or vinyl fences and gates. The complete kit includes hardware and mounting screws. Alignment pips guide lock placement in a precise position; the latch can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for a perfect fit.

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