Tribe Hotel


  • Travis Walton Architecture
  • John Clemons (branding)
  • 21-19 Studio (branding)
  • Earl Carter (photographer)


Tribe promises to deliver an artfully curated, guest-centric and refreshingly affordable design hotel alternative to an industry badly in need of a little disruption.

Tribe defines a new category in the Australian hotel landscape, marrying contemporary design driven interiors with an edited, new generation service offer.

Underpinning the concept is a proprietary modular build system bringing new levels of efficiency and cost-savings to the construction process. The result is an ‘accessible luxury’ alternative that is designed from the ground up to service the modern traveler.

Key Features


The innovative modular hotel was manufactured entirely offshore and shipped to its home site in West Perth, a process that significantly reduced the cost of construction and allowed the hotel group to pass on savings in the form of lower tariffs.

Our job was to create an ‘edited luxury experience’ that’s part social destination, part gallery space and every inch a sophisticated sanctuary for the urban aesthete.


Despite the economical footprint each room offers plenty of natural light, concealed luggage storage solutions under bed and a built in marble desk with viewing window into the bathroom.

Each room is themed by a feature colour amenity wall comprising a floating metal shelf with integrated slimline TV.


On the ground floor, a flowing series of installed spaces are separated only by subtle joinery (no edge-to-edge walls), incorporating a relaxed reception area and an open plan social/work space where co-working is as encouraged as casual drinks. Bar tables surround a 6m long inlaid stone workbench and an all-day ‘necessity bar’ provides guests with sandwiches and snacks.

The focal point is a 2.7m high feature wall that showcases a changing collection of works from Australian artists, carefully curated by the hotel to create a kind of in-house gallery and a striking backdrop to a function and event space.


Complimentary high-speed wifi throughout the hotel and a generous supply of power outlets allow uninterrupted connectivity, while stylish objects d’art, designer lighting and a plush and pillowy oversized sofa create a sophisticated low-key lounge vibe.

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